Workshop on the Future of Technology in Education



The transformation that technology has brought to society cannot be overemphasized. Its growth has affected the way individuals communicate, learn, and work.

One of the areas in which technology has had extensive influence is the classroom. In the last few years, the use of overhead projectors and PowerPoint to teach students has given way to technologies that shift emphasis from the teacher to the students. Today’s digital-native students require technologies in the classroom that will make teaching and learning more interesting and engaging; and to equip our students with the 21st century skills critical for the world of work, the classroom needs to be revolutionized to improve student engagement and teaching effectiveness.

The College of Education, University of Ghana has since its inception in 2014, made use of technology as the driving force in the realization of its strategic objectives. The College seeks to leverage the use of ICT in the delivery of courses and services and to create an enabling environment that makes the College increasingly relevant to national and global development through cutting-edge research and innovative ICT-driven teaching and learning in the fields of education, information and communication.

The College Advisory Board has been in the forefront of encouraging the use of ICT in all activities of the College, and recognizing the critical role that digital technologies play, has asked for extensive discussion on the future of technology in education and the development of a conceptual map of where the College currently is regarding the use of technology.

The College, under the auspices of the College Advisory Board, is organizing a workshop on the theme The Future of Technology in Education, to discuss the technology needs of the College and the University, and the direction in which the University of Ghana needs to go as regards the adoption of technology for teaching and learning as follows:

Date    :           Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Time   :           9:00 a.m.

Venue :           La Palm Royal Beach Hotel

The workshop will discuss ICT policies, strategies and processes, the influence of key providers, the role of key stakeholders in the technology environment, and how consumers fit into the overall ICT ecosystem.