COE Takes strides in Men’s Health with Prostate Cancer Screening exercise

As part of activities marking the celebration of the UG@75 Anniversary, the College of Education in partnership with the University hospital hosted a prostate cancer screening exercise on Thursday September 27, 2023.  This initiative was aimed at raising awareness about prostate cancer, potential risks associated with it and the need for early detection among male employees.

The exercise featured an informative session by Dr. Nancy Ama Addai, from the Department of Public Health at the University Hospital. She explained the distinction between prostate cancer and prostate enlargement, shedding light on symptoms that men should be aware of.

Prostate cancer, she explained, is a dangerous disease primarily affecting men, with a higher likelihood in individuals over the age of 40. Dr. Addai noted that this type of cancer often exhibits a genetic component, making it possible to be inherited within families. One significant indicator of prostate cancer is an overactive or enlarged prostate, which can result in symptoms such as frequent urination and difficulty in holding urine for extended periods.

On the other hand, prostate enlargement, which is more common in men in their 40s, can cause blockages in the bladder neck. Symptoms of this condition include frequent nocturnal urination (4 to 6 times), urination difficulties, and an inability to retain urine for prolonged periods.

Ms Dorinda Nbinmah Yeboah, Assistant Registrar in the Office of the Provost, in an interview, stressed the urgency of raising awareness about prostate cancer, particularly among the male staff members of the College. She revealed the college's anticipation of a turnout ranging from 50 to 100 male faculty and staff members from various learning centers including Koforidua, Ho, Accra, and Tema. She added that the screening was also open to other male employees of the University.

Furthermore, she also mentioned that the College plans to continue organizing similar events beyond the UG@75 Anniversary, including breast cancer screenings for female staff members among others.

In addition to the exercise, participants were also offered free voluntary testing for malaria, HIV and Syphilis.