College of Education Holds Interactive Seminar for Students/ Graduates

On Wednesday, 21st June, 2023, the College of Education held an interactive seminar for students and graduates of the University of Ghana at the Great Hall. The seminar, which was on the theme “Harnessing employment and entrepreneurship prospects for University Graduates: Building Resilience and Embracing Technology” was attended by over 100 students and graduates.

Prof. Gordon S. K. Adika delivering the opening remarks

At the seminar, Prof. Gordon S.K. Adika, Dean of the School of Education and Leadership who delivered the opening remarks on behalf of the Provost of the College of Education, welcomed all to the interactive seminar. He reiterated that the seminar was part of the commemorative events to mark the 75th anniversary of the University of Ghana.

Prof. Adika mentioned that the objective of the seminar was to empower university students and graduates by providing them with insights, strategies and practical tools to enhance their employability, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and effectively leverage technology in their professional pursuit. He indicated that some individuals are of the view that universities are not preparing graduates for the job market. However, he explained that universities are supposed to equip graduates with the general knowledge and skills that make them functional in a wide array of job spaces. In this regard, he advised that there should be an intensification of interactions between industry and academia so that industrial skills requirement could drive aspects of the learning studied at the university.

Nana Owusu-Achau delivering his presentation

Drawing inferences from his studies and experiences, the facilitator for the seminar, Nana Owusu-Achau, CEO and founder of Kings Innovations in his presentation said that being exposed to different programmes in college had helped him a lot. Additionally, he shared with the audience how he started his real estate, farming and other businesses, highlighting the losses he had made in the process. He therefore advised students to embrace the learning of different courses although they might not know its relevance in the interim. He encouraged participants not to give up when one business does not go on well but rather explore alternatives. He noted that Covid-19 allowed him to pay attention to what matters as the sale of food within that era was considered as rendering an essential service.

Additionally, Nana Owusu Achau indicated that it was disappointing to find out that graduates were more interested in white collar jobs instead of vying into the agriculture industry. Furthermore, he commented that “we can all work towards building the Ghana we want to see. I hope you do not leave this seminar thinking anything short of a decision to do something in any area that can help build culture, as this will help solve the unemployment issue.” We have enough resources to make things happen ourselves.” He concluded by saying that a decision to buy local goods is a decision to support oneself as it reduces dependency.

A section of the audience at the Great Hall

Mr. Patrick Kumah, a Drone Pilot Technician also spoke about the use of drones for irrigation purposes.  Other speakers at the seminar spoke on issues including how they recycle materials; especially the packaging bags of Nana’s rice into school bags and how they offer career and personal development support to individuals. The participants also engaged in an activity using the Personal Tree Chart which is a tool meant to help people to plan their life using certain key points.


One of the speakers addressing the audience

In his closing remarks, Dr. Austin Luguterah, Head of the Department of Physical, Educational and Sports Studies thanked all participants for attending the seminar. He was of the view that education must adopt to the realities of the ever-changing world which should be driven by cutting-edge technologies. He added that understanding entrepreneurship and innovation improves one’s ability to think critically and logically which helps to solve any problem in society.

Dr. Austin Luguterah delivering his closing remarks

Dr. Luguterah stated that “the College of Education is dedicated to removing barriers that keeps students from pursuing higher education successfully and expanding opportunity for everyone”. Further, he encouraged students and staff to actively participate in the lineup of programmes for the celebration.

A picture of some of the participants who won prizes at the seminar

Some participants also won prizes during the seminar which included packs of Nana Rice and $100 (one hundred dollars). Certificates were also given to the participants during the seminar.

College officials present at the event included Mr. Joseph Oduro Nkansah, College Secretary, Mrs. Regina Afari Boateng, Administrator of the School of Continuing and Distance Education and Mrs. Rodarling Neequaye, Administrator of the School of Education and Leadership. Some staff and faculty of the College were also present.