The Department of Distance Education has Organised Course Development Workshop for Faculty Members

In line with the introduction of innovative learning approaches for students, a workshop centered on the development of courses for Distance Education students was recently organised by the Department of Distance Education, School of Continuing and Distance Education. The workshop provided an opportunity for faculty members from the various departments to interact and share their insights  on creating impactful educational experiences for students enrolled in the Distance Education programme. 

Professor Samuel Amponsah delivering his address

Professor Samuel Amponsah, Head, Department of Distance Education, welcomed faculty members to the workshop. He highlighted that the workshop would focus on developing customized learning systems that can identify and nurturetalents among all students.  He added that innovative pedagogical approaches will be explored along with leveraging tools such as the SAKAI Learning Management System and the Distance Education Courseware Template.


Professor Samuel Nii Ardey Codjoe addressing participants

Addressing the participants, Professor Samuel Nii Ardey Codjoe, the Provost of the College of Education, expressed his appreciation to faculty members for their efforts in developing courses for students. Stressing that these efforts significantly contribute to delivering quality education in the University. Additionally, Professor Codjoe urged faculty members to continue developing innovative teaching and learning methods to enhance knowledge transfer during lectures.

Mr. Patrick Kuti addressing faculty members

Delivering his remarks, Mr. Patrick Kuti, Deputy Chief Information Technology Officer at the University of Ghana Computing Systems (UGCS), briefly mentioned that his unit was currently developing technological tools aimed at enhancing teaching and learning experience in the University. He added that the training would reintroduce participants to the SAKAI Learning Management System and help them explore its functions in order to promote interactive learning between lecturers and students. 

A cross-section of faculty members at the training

Mr. Joseph Oduro Nkansah, the College Secretary, in his address, emphasised the importance of the University’s Distance Education programme.  He stated that a committee had been formed to collaborate with participating departments in reviewing the programme.  Additionally, he highlighted the development of a new payment structure to ensure prompt and efficient payment of Distance Education Lecturers.  He then encouraged faculty members put forth their best efforts in making the Distance Education programme successful.

Mr. Yusif Amidu speaking to participants

During the practical session led by Mr. Yusif Amidu, participants were guided on how to effectively utilize the Distance Education Courseware Template.  He stressed on the flexibility of the new system in facilitating interactive teaching experiences for students.  

Mr. Frank Kasapa demonstrating on the use of the Sakai Learning Management System

Mr. Frank Kasapa, from the ICT unit, demonstrated how to use the redesigned Sakai Learning Management System, which had been enhanced with new features.  Furthermore, he explained how faculty members could access the interactive system off-campus.

Professor Amponsah in his closing remarks, thanked all and sundry for making the workshop very engaging.  He urged faculty members to work together and engage students in activities that would enhance their practical learning experiences.