Provost's Vision

The Office of the Provost of the College of Education aims to articulate the vision and creative leadership to establish a strong and viable College that meets the highest international accreditation standards of the 21st century and beyond. 
The College of Education seeks to produce university graduates for the education service and sport industry, graduates who are specialists in adult learning, graduates in information, library and the documentation industry, and also graduates in communication, the print and electronic media.
As Provost, I seek to lead the College to achieve its objectives by pursuing the following: 
  1. Ensure College programmes are nationally relevant and intellectually stimulating.
  2. Enhance faculty research capacity through the introduction of intra-college lectures, seminars, and conferences. 
  3. Leverage ICT for Teaching, Learning and Research in the College of Education.
  4. Develop the professional capacity of academic staff through strategic mentorships, workshops, incentives to promote high quality teaching and research. 
  5. Encourage the establishment and maintenance of international collaborations to promote academic programmes, research, and the establishment of strategic international exchange agreements.