College of Education Research Fund: Call for Proposals




The College Research Board is pleased to announce a Call for Proposals with support from the College of Education Research Fund (CoERF).


Four types of grants are available as follows:

  1. SEED GRANT: This is for exploratory/small proposals with budgets up to Seven Thousand Cedis (GHC 7,000). Such grants would be awarded for a period not exceeding one year and are awarded to Senior Members to enable them explore new ideas to apply for bigger grants in the future.
  2. DEPARTMENTAL COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH GRANT: This grant would normally not exceed Thirty Thousand Cedis (up to GHC 30,000) and shall be for a period of not more than two years. Grants of this nature are awarded to a research team made up of Senior Members with a clear line of research. Research question MUST be an extension of an existing line of departmental research.
  3. EARLY-STAGE RESEARCHER GRANT: This grant would normally not exceed Seven Thousand Cedis (up to GHC 7,000) and shall be for a period of not more than two years. Grants of this nature are awarded to academic staff with the rank of Assistant Lecturer/Lecturer/Research Fellow with not more than five years’ service in the University of Ghana after appointment to their present position.

These grants are for Departments (Not individuals) organising an International Research Conference in the University of Ghana. The grant shall be for an amount not exceeding Fifty Thousand Cedis (up to GHC 50,000).


All grant applicants must be full-time Senior Members of the College of Education.

The following additional eligibility requirements also apply:

  1. SEED GRANT: All Senior Members in active service of the College are eligible to apply for a Seed Grant.
  2. DEPARTMENTAL COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH GRANT: Senior Members applying for a Departmental Collaborative Research Grant should have served at least one year in the College. There must be at least three members in the Research team.
  3. EARLY-STAGE RESEARCHER GRANT: Applicants in the early-stage researcher grant category should be researchers in the first five years of service in the University of Ghana after appointment to their present position.
  4. GRANT FOR ORGANISING INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Proposals for grants to organise international conference must emanate from a Department (NOT individuals). Applications must show evidence of other funds available for the purpose. Detailed budgets showing sources of funds for the various cost items must be added to the application. The application must be submitted to the College Research Board by the Head of Department.



All interested and eligible Senior Members must make an application for the grant by accessing the online research grant application system available at the following link:

Applicants will be able to track the progress on the processing of their application after it has been submitted.

  1. Applicants should submit application electronically and also submit a hard copy to Mr. Daniel Shadow.
  2. Applicants are required to indicate in their application which other grants related to their proposed research topic they currently hold.
  3. Senior Members on post-retirement contract cannot be Principal Investigators but are encouraged to serve as mentors on research teams led by a faculty member below the age of sixty years.
  4. There shall be a review process managed by the College Research Board. All qualifying proposals shall be independently reviewed by reviewers with the relevant expertise and experience in the subject area. The review will normally be based on the following criteria:
  1. Importance/Relevance
  2. Scientific Potential
  3. Justification For Resources
  4. Research Theme

Please see the attached guidelines for using the online research grants application system for further information on how to apply.



Submission of evidence of ethical approval is mandatory for all research projects funded by the College Research Grant. Principal Investigators whose projects are selected to receive funding, will be required to show proof of ethical clearance in order for their awards to be confirmed.

Ethical clearance should be in the name of the Principal Investigator of the research project.

For detailed information on meeting times and application processes for UG's ethics committees please see


The Online Research Grant Application System will be available until 5:00 PM ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 29, 2019.

Please note that applications that are started but not completed before the deadline will be automatically deleted and will not be available to the applicant after the date and time indicated above.

Application Deadline:

Review of proposals and feedback to applicants: Friday December 16, 2019

Confirmation of Awards: Friday February 7, 2020

Deadline for submission of evidence of ethical clearance for funded projects:

Friday March 31, 2020

Disbursement of awards: By Friday April 17, 2020