University of Ghana’s 75th Anniversary Celebrated Through Education And Sports Insights

In a dynamic commemoration of the University of Ghana's 75th anniversary, the School of Education and Leadership a constituent of the College of Education,  hosted a lively 1-day public forum and exhibition. The event’s theme: “Enhancing Pedagogical Approaches to Teacher Education and Sports Studies,” gave a close look at the vital role of education and sports in the nation's journey.


Professor Samuel Nii Ardey Codjoe, Provost, College of Education

In an address by the Chairman, Professor Samuel Nii Ardey Codjoe, Provost of the College of Education, the importance of education as the foundation of the country's future was highlighted. “As we all know, education is the bedrock upon which the nation builds its future. Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the minds of our youth. It is therefore our responsibility to equip them with the knowledge, skills and pedagogical approaches that will enable them to inspire and empower the next generation” he stated.

Professor Codjoe also underscored the value of sports, saying “it's not just about staying fit but also about building teamwork and strong character.” He encouraged teachers and agents of education to embrace the opportunity to challenge the status quo, question existing paradigms, seek innovative solutions and collaboratively strive for excellence in teacher education and sports studies.


Professor Gordon Senanu Kwame Adika, Dean, School of Education and Leadership

Professor Gordon Senanu Kwame Adika, Dean for the School of Education and Leadership, welcomed the audience and expressed his excitement about the forum.  The forum, he noted, was not merely about looking back but also a chance to learn and gain new ideas on teaching and sports.

He explained that the activities organised by the School in its celebration of the 75th anniversary of the University of Ghana were academic in nature and affirmed that the presentations to be delivered in the forum would offer opportunity for everyone to learn a few more things about issues related to the theme.


Stressing the importance of the theme, Professor Adika noted that teaching strategies are central to improving the quality of education and expressed his gratitude to the distinguished speakers for accepting to speak at the forum.


He also indicated that the educational exhibition would expose people to the range and diversity of materials that are locally available through local contacts as well as appreciate the innovations emerging from the College of Education.

The forum was graced with presentations from Mr. Yaw Sakyi Afari, CEO, RITE Sports Limited and Professor Samuel A. Atintono, Principal of the Accra College of Education who gave insights and perspectives on how Teacher Education and Sports Studies can be harnessed effectively to contribute to the social and economic growth of the nation.

Mr. Yaw Sakyi Afari, CEO, RITE Sports Limited


Mr. Afari delivered a presentation on the sub-theme, “The Role of Sports as a product in the Modern in World” where he discussed the new objectives and dimensions that Sports has assumed in this current dispensation other than the original intent of the sports.  His presentation highlighted the fact that sports have transcended traditional boundaries, metamorphosing into a platform that imparts vital life skills and open up exciting possibilities.


Professor Samuel A. Atintono, Principal of the Accra College of Education


Turning the spotlight to teaching, Professor Atintono presented on the sub-theme, “Pedagogical Approaches to Teacher Education in Ghana: Perspectives from the Colleges of Education” where he discussed seven methodological approaches such as; constructivist, collaborative, integrative, reflective and equally based approaches.  Stressing on the crucial role of teachers in today’s education, he explained that teachers can add a touch of excitement to education.  His words resonated with the belief that a strong education today holds the promise of a brighter and more promising future.   


The presentations were followed up by a riveting questions and answers session.

Present at the event were Professor Samuel Ni Ardey Cudjoe, Provost, Mr. Joseph Nkansah, College Secretary, Professor Gordon Senanu Kwame, Dean SEL; Dr. Dickson Tsey, Principal of Evangelical Presbyterian College of Education, Amedzope; Heads of Departments; faculty members, administrators, staff and students.