Records Management Training Programme for Administrative Staff of College of Education

The College of Education in collaboration with the University of Ghana Archives, has held a two-day Records Management training programme for Senior Member and Senior Staff Administrators in the College. The programme was to update participants on best practice and current trends in record keeping and records management. The facilitators of the training programme were Mr. Leo Woode, Mr. Killian K. Onai and Mr. Addo-Boateng all from the University of Ghana Archives. Topics treated included: “Overview of Records Management and Managing Records as a Strategic Resource”, Registry Procedures and Records Control Mechanisms”, “Managing the UG Records life cycle”, “ the Continuum concept”, Preservation of Corporate Records”, “Records Classification and Indexing”, and “Electronic Records Management”.

Mr. Leo Woode making a point

Records Management is defined as the “field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records”.

Participants were taken through the importance of records keeping, and the various legal documents that back the use and management of these records, for example the Public Records and Archives Act of 1997. Participants also received training in the Records Management process, and were encouraged to keep effective records, to ensure that they play their part in preserving important University documents.






A cross section of participants

On day 2 of the training programme, participants were taken through Record Preservation, and a practical session on classification and filing of records.


Mr. Addo-Boateng leading the practical session